I've got a copyright claim on YouTube, how to remove it?

Visit Copyright Claim Manager and submit the link to your video; this will immediately remove any copyright claims. To have claims removed automatically, you can add your YouTube channel to the whitelist.

I've got a copyright claim on Facebook, how to remove it?

Because of new privacy guidelines, Facebook no longer supports a whitelist feature. But don't worry! If there's an issue on Facebook with our music, please file a dispute. - Firstly, head over to the Video page - Then select ""Your Video is partially muted due to a copyright match"" - Click ""See details"" - Click the ""Continue"" option three times. - Select ""Submit Dispute"" and then click ""Continue"" again - Click ""Open Form"" - Check ✅ the option ""Licensed content"" and write an explanation in the ""Additional Details"" column stating that you have permission to use said content with a link to the Tunetank item page of the track being claimed. f.e. ""I have permission to use this music. (tunetank.com) [link to the track]"" - Click ""Submit"" You will then get the notification ""You Submitted a Dispute"" and Facebook should then shortly release the claim for you. If you follow these steps and your video is still muted, please email support@tunetank.com

I've got a copyright claim on Instagram, how to remove it?

If you've received a claim on your Instagram video due to our music, don't worry. Here's what you can do: - Go to “Activity” (❤️) in the Instagram app. - Select the video blocking alert “Video blocked. Some people can’t view your video because…” - Click “Appeal” in “Notice section”. - Enter your electronic signature, choose the “I agree” checkbox and click “Appeal”. In a little while, Instagram will send you an email to let you know that your video is back up. If you follow these steps and your video is still muted, please email support@tunetank.com

Can I download a track and use it in more than one video?

Yes! Feel free to use the downloaded track in as many videos as you want.

I still need help with copyright claims! How can I contact you?

Feel free to email at support@tunetank.com

Why did I receive a copyright claim?

We've made sure to add all our music to the YouTube database to prevent any unauthorized claims by others, keeping our users safe from unremovable copyright complaints. As a result, you have the power to manage and remove any copyright claims with ease, ensuring a smooth experience.

Will I lose money from my YouTube video if I don't remove the copyright claim right away?

No! If you remove the copyright claim within a month, you'll receive all the money earned from your video, without any deductions.

How long does it take to remove a copyright claim after submitting the video link?

Generally, a copyright claim is removed within 5 minutes. However, in some cases, due to high load on the YouTube system, the process might take up to 24 hours.

Can claims be removed automatically?

Yes! Add your channel to the whitelist by subscribing to Tunetank Pro (3 channels) or Tunetank Business (up to 10 channels).

How do I protect my client’s channel from copyright claims?

To whitelist your client's channel, subscribe to Pro (up to 10 channels).