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Every creator gets

Copyright Claims Protection
Give your content full protection from copyright claims. Get full control over monetization.
Exclusive Music
Our music is completely exclusive and licensed only on our platform.
Simple License
Don't puzzle over sheets of text our creators license will cover most of your needs.

What's the difference?

Online Video & StreamingYouTube, Facebook, Twitch incl. monetizationAttribution required
Video that contains more 5 tracks
Social Media Boosting
Short VideosTikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels incl. monetizationAttribution required
Social Media Boosting
Free Apps & GamesNon revenue-generating (incl. ads)
Personal UseWedding, Corporate, School Project
Client Work
PodcastsAll platformsAttribution required
Other ProjectsIf you're working on TV/Radio, Theatrical, Live Event, Show, or any other project that is not listed above, please contact our team to get custom offer. Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "attribution required" mean?
This means that you must mention our site or the track used in your project description. You can either insert a link to the used track or write "Music provided by Tunetank.com". If your project does not have a description, mention us in the project itself.
Do licenses expire?
Our licenses are not limited in time and are valid indefinitely.
Is there a list of places where music can and cannot be used?
You can use the music in any place, subject to the terms of our licenses.
I still have some questions. Do I get a chance to ask them?
Write to us at support@tunetank.com and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.
We are here to help you