Where I can use Tunetank music and sound effects?

You're welcome to use our music and sound effects in your YouTube videos, social media, live streams, websites, and any online resources! Feel free to use Tunetank for monetized, sponsored, affiliated and pay-to-access content.

Is the music on Tunetank royalty free?

Yes! The music on Tunetank is royalty-free. This means once you’ve downloaded a track, you can use it in your project and you won’t have to pay any extra fees or royalties.

Can I use Tunetank music in a YouTube video?

Yes! You are welcome to use Tunetank music in your YouTube videos, and you can even monetize them. In case you receive a copyright claim, we have provided a simple tool where you can submit the link to your video and have the claim removed. https://tunetank.com/copyright-claims/

Do I need to credit Tunetank?

We appreciate attribution, but we don't require it. If you'd like to share the love by tweeting, tagging us on Instagram or featuring a link back to Tunetank.com, we'd love to see what you do with our music!

Can I use Tunetank music in commercial or client projects?

Yes! You can use Tunetank music for all your commercial projects. You have the option to buy a single license for one specific track, or you can subscribe to our Pro Plan. This plan lets you create commercial licenses for any tracks you want from our catalog.

I still have some questions. How can I contact you?

Feel free to email at support@tunetank.com

Can I monetize my videos with Tunetank music?

Yes! You can monetize your videos on YouTube, social media, livestreams, websites, and even partner and pay-to-access content.

Do you have a partner or affiliate program I can sign up for?

Yes! Sign up and earn money by referring creators.