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How many tracks can I download?
As many as you want! We don't have a download limit.
What does a Pro account give you?
In addition to the ability to download any tracks on the site, the Pro account gives you access to the SFX section, as well as the ability to add your YouTube channel to the whitelist, so that the claims are removed automatically without the need to specify the author or manually remove the claim.
Why some of the tracks are marked with the icon Pro?
The Pro icon on the tracks means that the track is available for download and use only by users with a Pro account. To upgrade your account to Pro, go to your profile settings.
If I switch from a Pro account back to a Free account, will I get claimed for the Pro tracks I used earlier?
No. All videos that were released when you had a Pro account will never get a claim again.
Can I downgrade to a Free account at any time?
Yes. Go to your profile settings, click on the Go back to Free Account button, and follow the instructions.