We've left the era of one-hour videos far behind. These days, short-form videos are the real headliners, all thanks to platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. These bite-sized videos, usually running for 90 seconds or less, are the reigning champions in the world of content creation, offering a shortcut to viral fame.

But to keep your content in the spotlight, you've got to hop onto the latest short-form video trends. This way, your content stays fresh, engaging, and just the right length to grab the attention of a wide range of viewers, including those who don't have much time or simply prefer shorter content.

Why short-form content is great for business

Short-form videos have become highly effective due to their high likelihood of being watched in their entirety and their mobile-friendly appeal. In a world where time is a precious commodity, a concise 90-second video is a welcome choice for viewers.

With this easily digestible format, achieving viral status is within reach, as platforms like TikTok regularly witness short-form video trends amassing over 1 million views in a single day.

In 2021, TikTok was the preferred platform for short form video, capturing 48.5% of U.S. viewers, followed by YouTube shorts at 25.3% - EMarketer

For businesses, this presents an invaluable opportunity to connect with both their existing and potential audiences. In fact, HubSpot reports that short-form video ranks as the second-highest return on investment (ROI) trend in marketing. This is attributed to its effectiveness, budget-friendliness, and its reputation as a wise investment.

As they continue to grow, short-form video trends are set to dominate the industry. You can make the most of it through the top 7 short video trends.

#1 Explainers and educational videos

Short-form explainers and educational videos are becoming increasingly popular for good reason. They offer bite-sized, informative content on a specific subject, breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible pieces.

In 2022 alone, The Leap highlighted the surge in microlearning as a leading online education format because it easily lends information to eager learners, distinguishing them from traditional video-based lessons.

According to HubSpot, 68% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service through a short video.

#2 FAQs

Unlike the days of sifting through extensive written guides or enduring frustratingly long wait times on customer service hotlines, the emerging trend of FAQ short form videos is revolutionizing how common questions are handled.

These videos swoop in with quick, concise answers, sparing your audience the hassle of time-consuming searches and providing immediate solutions at their fingertips.

#3 Product teasers

Did you know that a customer’s purchasing intent go up to 82% when they see product teasers?

This is where the magic of short video trends comes into play. You can use these snappy videos to offer viewers an enticing sneak peek at a forthcoming product or service, igniting anticipation and excitement. It's a powerful way to generate buzz and get your audience eagerly awaiting your latest offerings.

#4 How-tos

How-tos in short-form video trends are a perfect fit for our hectic, on-the-move lives, offering a convenient way to pick up new skills or knowledge.

Now, these videos may be short, but they still show you how to do things step-by-step in a way that's faster and more engaging. So, even when you're on the move, you can learn and follow along without any fuss.

"How-to" searches on YouTube Short are consistently on the rise, showing high user demand for this type of content.

#5 Behind the scenes

People love behind-the-scenes videos because they give a real and fascinating peek into how things are made, satisfying our natural curiosity and making a personal connection with the process.

This short video trend also promotes transparency – fostering a strong sense of connection and trust with your audience.

Customers trust your brand more if they see more behind-the-scenes content. - Forbes

#6 Challenges

Challenges in short-form video trends let users take on a specific task or trend and nominate or challenge others to participate. This not only generates engagement but also fosters a sense of community and shared participation.

Part of this trend is the communal aspect that can create a ripple effect, increasing the chances of the content going viral, as more and more people join in on the challenge. Therefore, making it a powerful tool to expand your reach and impact.

#OnlyInMyCalvins challenge already generated over 32.1 billion views in TikTok.

#7 Trials and reviews

People trust online reviews just like they trust their best friend's advice when buying stuff. So, when brands dish out short trials and reviews, it's like a sneak peek into what a product or service is all about. It helps viewers decide if it's a thumbs-up or a pass.

What's more is you can also invite influencers or celebrities in this process to triple your reach.

Final Take: Make it short but sweet

The bottom line is, that short-form videos are a long-term player in the content game. For content creators, this means you've got to get those creative gears turning to make the most of their engagement-boosting potential.

While short-form video trends thrive on being light, engaging, and fun—sticking to your unique style is still important. Staying true to your brand's essence and keeping an eye on what's going viral, as well as the popular songs and soundtracks, will help your content vibe perfectly with the times. This not only expands your audience but also nurtures a dedicated following that'll stick around for the long run.

So, in a nutshell, short-form video trends aren't just a passing trend; they're a lasting strategy for content creators to shine in the ever-evolving digital world.

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