License | Tunetank


Our license allows you to use music in any type of audio and video projects.

  • All tracks not marked with the Pro icon can be downloaded and used for free
  • Suitable for commercial and non-commercial projects
  • All music and sounds on the site are Royalty-Free
  • Attribution to the track is at your discretion
  • Downloaded tracks can be used an unlimited number of times
  • The license has an unlimited validity period
  • Music cannot be resold
  • Music cannot be remixed or claimed as you own
What is attribution required for?
If you use music for YouTube, then the link is required in order for the system to automatically remove the сopyright claim and you can monetize your video. If for some reason you did not provide a link or forgot to do so, then you can use the "Whitelisting" tool and remove the entire copyright claims from your videos or channels. You will receive a link to the track when you download it.
Where am I allowed to use tracks from Tunetank?
We allow you to use them anywhere! Among possible uses are: your own videos, podcasts, streams, mobile applications, presentations, commercials, and others. Including commercial use. Our infinite license covers all your needs.
Why some of the tracks are marked with the icon Pro?
The Pro icon on the tracks means that the track is available for download and use only by users with a Pro account. To upgrade your account to Pro, go to your profile settings.
I still have some questions. Do I get a chance to ask them?
Write to us at and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.