YouTube Channel Whitelisting

Add your YouTube channel to the whitelist and avoid copyright claims.

How does it work?

1. Copy the URL of your YouTube channel.
2. Paste into the input field and hit Submit.
3. The channel will be whitelisted.
Want to remove up to 3 claims per video? Go to copyright claim manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does whitelisting work?

When you add your YouTube channel on the whitelist, any copyright issues will be automatically resolved for all future videos on your channel, as long as it remains on the whitelist.

Can I whitelist more than one YouTube channel?

You can add up to 5 YouTube channels if you subscribe to Tunetank Pro and up to 10 YouTube channels if you subscribe to Tunetank Business.

How do I extend the whitelisting of my channel?

To have your channel whitelisted for more than 14 days you need to subscribe to Tunetank Pro or Tunetank Business.

If I stop my subscription, I will get claims?

Once a video's copyright complaints are cleared while your channel is whitelisted, they won't come back.