How many free tracks are available for download?

Our library has over 2,000 tracks available for free download and over 1,000 additional tracks available for subscribers. We regularly update our library and since music is exclusively presented only on our platform, we always pay attention to quality, not quantity.

Is the music royalty-free?

Yes! You can simply use music without having to pay royalties each time you use it.

Can I sing over music and also sample downloaded tracks?

If this is part of the idea for your video, then yes, you can sing over our tracks. But you can't claim it as your original composition. You also cannot sample music and claim the result as your original music.


How does the Pro subscription work?

The subscription gives you more advanced usage options, for example, you can use music for projects of your clients', use music for commercial purposes (including advertising), download high quality files and much more. You will also be given access to the exclusive tracks available only to subscribers. As an exclusive option you will be able to whitelist your YouTube channels and other video platforms. The list of features for subscribers is constantly updated with each update of the platform.

Is there a limit on downloading tracks?

No! You can download as much you can carry.

How long is the subscription valid?

We provide 3 subscription options: monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can choose one of the options that suits you. A long-term subscription is cheaper than a monthly one.

Can I use downloaded tracks after my subscription ends?

It depends on what you understand by the word "use". If you haven't published the project yet, you can't. The project with music must be published during the subscription period. If the project is already published, then of course our license is perpetual and you don't have to worry about it anymore. For example, if you publish a video on YouTube, then after publication, our system will find your active subscription and protect your video from any copyright claims.

Can I cancel it at any time?

Yes! We do not have any commitment period, you can cancel your subscription at any time. All projects that were released during the subscription period will be forever protected from copyright claims because the license is valid indefinitely. In other words, if you want to license only one track, you can buy a subscription, download, publish the project, and cancel your subscription after the project is published.

What payment options are there?

You can pay with cards of all major payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, China UnionPay. PayPal is currently not accepted.

Does the subscription cover TV, broadcast, radio, film?

Our subscription designed for content creators, small businesses, freelancers, app and game developers and does not cover TV, broadcast, radio, film. If you want to use a track you like in a project that is not covered by our subscription, just write to us and we will offer you another extended subscription for entire catalog that allows to use for mentioned above projects. You can read more about the license terms on the license page


How it works?

Whitelisting allows us to tell us what projects you use music in so that we can protect them from any complaints from copyright holders and ensure that the music in this project is used legally.

What projects can I add?

You can add any types of projects where music is used. Just select one of the suitable platforms in the window. If the platform where you use music is not listed. Just click on the last element and provide a link to the project.

Can I add projects of my clients for whom I make videos?

Yes! There are no restrictions.


Can I use music in my YouTube videos for free?

You can download tracks that are not marked with a yellow PRO icon (these tracks are only available to subscribers) and use them in your videos. According to the terms of the free license, you must attribute author where you downloaded this track from, you will receive information for the video when you download it. When you attribute the authors, it helps them to understand that their work is in demand, in exchange for this they give the opportunity to use the music for free, and we, in turn, guarantee the absence of copyright claim and the ability to monetize the video.

How many tracks can I use in my video?

You can use up to 5 tracks for free in single video. Owners of our Pro subscription can use any number of tracks in one video.

I received a copyright claim. How can I remove it?

Sometimes our users who use the service for free receive a copyright claims, but if the terms of the license have not been violated, the complaint will be removed within 1 hour, in rare cases it takes longer. If more time has passed and the copyright claim is still active, make sure that the description of the video indicates the source of the music and add your video to the whitelist. If you forgot to indicate the source of the music, then simply write "Music provided by". The copyright claim will be removed and monetization on your video will be available. You will never receive a copyright claim again. Your video is protected for life.

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